Step-by-Step FreeBSD installation with ZFS and Full Disk Encryption

LinaSovereign - 22nd September 2017 - FreeBSD /

Introduction :

This paper has been written for non-expert users looking for an easy way to install FreeBSD.
We’ll use detailed screenshots to help you setup FreeBSD 11.1 with full disk encryption using ZFS.
If you need help to configure your machine after the installation, you can consult this tutorial made for Raspberry PI but working for the other platforms too.

FreeBSD logo

Table of Contents :

  1. What do I need ?
  2. Boot and install
  3. Configure your keyboard layout
  4. Hostname and system components configuration
  5. Network configuration
  6. Select the server you want to use for the installation
  7. Disk configuration
  8. Last steps to finish the installation
    8.1. Root password
    8.2. Time and date
    8.3. Services
    8.4. Security
    8.5. Additionnal user
    8.6. The end
  9. First boot
  10. Need help ?
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