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Stargate episodes timeline

As a big fan of the Stargate movies and series, I decided to start watching them again, but this time in the order of the timeline, so I did some researchs, you'll find the list here :

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Stargate : The Movie
Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1 to 7
Stargate SG-1 Seasons 8 to 10 & Stargate Atlantis Seasons 1 to 3
8x01 1/2 (New Order 1/2)
8x02 2/2 (New Order 2/2)
1x01 1/2 (Rising 1/2)
1x02 2/2 (Rising 2/2)
8x03 (Lockdown)
1x03 (Hide and Seek)
8x04 (Zero Hour)
1x04 (Thirty-Eight Minutes)
8X05 (Icon)
1x05 (Suspicion)
8x06 Avatar
1x06 (Childhood's End)
8x07 (Affinity)
1x07 (Poisonning the Well)
8x08 (Covenant)
1x08 (Home)
8x09 (Sacrifices)
1x09 (Underground)
1x10 1/2 (The Storm)
1x11 2/2 (The Eye)
8x10 (Endgame)
1x12 (The Defiant One)
8x11 (Gemini)
8x12 (Prometheus Unbound)
1x13 (Hot Zone)
8x13 (It's Good To Be King)
1x14 (Sanctuary)
8x14 (Full Alert)
1x15 (Before I Sleep)
8x15 (Citizen Joe)
1x16 (The Brotherhood)
1x17 (Letters From Pegasus)
8x16 1/2 (Reckoning)
8x17 2/2 (Reckoning)
8x18 (Threads)
8x19 1/2 (Moebius)
8x20 2/2 (Moebius)
1x18 (The Gift)
1x19 (The Siege 1/3)
1x20 (The Siege 2/3)
2x01 (The Siege 3/3)
9x01 (Avalon 1/2)
9x02 (Avalon 2/2)
9x03 (Origin)
2x02 (Intruder)
9x04 (The Ties That Bind)
2x03 (Runner)
9x05 (The Powers That Be)
2x04 (Duet)
9x06 (Beach Head)
2x05 (Condemned)
9x07 (Ex Deus Machina)
2x06 (Trinity)
9x08 (Babylon)
2x07 (Instinct)
2x08 (Conversion)
9x09 (Prototype)
2x09 (Aurora)
9x10 (The Fourth Horseman 1/2)
9x11 (The Fourth Horseman 2/2)
2x10 (The Lost Boys)
2x11 (The Hive)
9x12 (Collateral Damage)
2x12 (Epiphany)
9x13 (Ripple Effect)
2x13 (Critical Mass)
9x14 (Stronghold)
2x14 (Grace Under Pressure)
9x15 (Ethon)
2x15 (The Tower)
9x16 (Off the Grid)
2x16 (The Long Goodbye)
9x17 (The Scourge)
2x17 (Coup d'État)
9x18 (Arthur's Mantle)
2x18 (Michael)
2x19 (Inferno)
9x19 (Crusade)
9x20 (Camelot)
10x01 (Flesh and Blood)
2x20 (Allies)
3x01 (No Man's Land)
3x02 (Misbegotten)
10x02 (Morpheus)
10x03 (The Pegasus Project)
3x03 (Irresistible)
10x04 (Insiders)
3x04 (Sateda)
10x05 (Uninvited)
3x05 (Progeny)
3x06 (The Real World)
10x06 (200)
3x07 (Common Ground)
10x07 (Counter-Strike)
3x08 (McKay and Mrs. Miller)
10x08 (Memento Mori)
3x09 (Phantoms)
10x09 (Company of Thieves)
3x10 (The Return 1/2)
3x11 (The Return 2/2)
10x10 (The Quest 1/2)
10x11 (The Quest 2/2)
3x12 (Echoes)
10x12 (Line in the Sand)
3x13 (Irresponsible)
10x13 (The Road Not Taken)
3x14 (Tao of Rodney)
10x14 (The Shroud)
3x15 (The Game)
10x15 (Bounty)
3x16 (The Ark)
10x16 (Bad Guys)
3x17 (Sunday)
10x17 (Talion)
3x18 (Submersion)
10x18 (Family Ties)
3x19 (Vengeance)
10x19 (Dominion)
10x20 (Unending)
Stargate : (The Ark of Truth)
3x20 (First Strike)
Stargate Atlantis Season 4
5x01 (Search and Rescue)
Stargate : Continuum
Stargate Atlantis Season 5
Stargate Universe Seasons 1 and 2



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