Setup a complete FreeBSD server environment on your Raspberry PI

LinaSovereign - 20th July 2017 - FreeBSD /RaspberryPI /

Disclaimer :

The Raspberry PI is a such a great device. You can do a really huge amount of fun things with this little board…
The goal of this paper is to show how you can build a full personnal server on your Raspberry PI, using FreeBSD and it’s packages.
Of course, this paper is useful for the other platforms running on FreeBSD too !
Here’s how we’ll proceed :

  1. Get FreeBSD
  2. Configure FreeBSD
  3. Install and configure sudo
  4. Configure your Wifi with a static IPv4 and IPv6 address
  5. Install and start Packet Filter
  6. Secure your SSH daemon with blacklistd
  7. Install and configure nginx with “let’s encrypt” SSL / PHP / MySQL
  8. Install and configure OpenSMTPd and SPAMd
  9. Install and configure Netdata with nginx to monitor your system
  10. Avoid OS detection
  11. Need help ?
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