Quick and secure Samba setup under FreeBSD

LinaSovereign - 16th August 2017 - FreeBSD /Network /Security /

Many of us may not be Windows enthusiasts but sometimes it may be worthwhile to benefit from a file sharing service allowing Windows clients to connect.

You’ll tell me :
« To share your files you can use SSHFS, FTP, etc…»
Short answer :
And it’s true ! But when it comes to watch movies in realtime for example from the sharing server without having to download the file to watch it, things can be more difficult to setup.
Beside, when you have «non-technical» users, a solution easy to use is better !
So here comes Samba :

Samba provides file and print services for all clients using the SMB/CIFS protocol, mostly for Windows clients, but of course you can use it on other platforms.

Today our goal will be to :

  • Install Samba
  • Configure Samba for a private files sharing
  • Ensure that no one can access Samba outside of your network
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