Setup SmokePing under OpenBSD with nginx and SSL 26th June 2017

Using OpenBSD is easy, not joking… you’ll see how it’s easy to setup SmokePing using nginx and SSL. As always, here is a quick way to deploy and configure the solutions.

WoW Nostalrius Reborn 12th November 2016

Nostalrius was a famous World of Warcraft private server, running one of the first version of the game named Vanilla. You can find alot of statistics and informations at the following link :

Deploy Ghost blogging platform under OpenBSD with nginx 23rd October 2016

Ghost is a simple and fast Node.js blogging system. We’ll see here how to deploy it on OpenBSD 6.1 with nginx !

OpenBSD : httpd(8) and authentication with htpasswd 11th October 2016

httpd(8) server of OpenBSD allows you to secure your virtualhosts/directories with a login/password based on the famous Apache htpasswd. Here is how you can set it up :

OpenBSD – Configure your static IPv6 network 9th October 2016

If your internet provider gives you an IPv6 connectivity, you can add one or multiple addresses to your workstation/server. In my case, Orange, my provider, gives me the following IPv6 (bloc/prefix) : 2a01:cb06:3e0:eb00::/56 Under OpenBSD, the static configuration is made with two files :

Raspberry PI : Packet Filter install under FreeBSD 4th October 2016

The ARM version of FreeBSD for Raspberry PI doesn’t provide by default PacketFilter (pf & pflog) built in the kernel, usefull module if you want to setup firewalling, redirection rules or QoS. We’ll have to download the kernel source code, change our default configuration by adding the good options and rebuild our kernel.

Contourner le loopback de la Livebox 20th September 2016

This article is meant for the french users of the Orange internet provider Disposant temporairement d’une Livebox Fibre le temps de recevoir mon routeur pfSense et hébergeant un serveur public sur cette même connexion, j’ai dû faire face comme tous les utilisateurs de Livebox au loopback des adresses publiques hébergées en interne vers le routeur. […]

EvE-Online : best streamers 15th September 2016

It’s useless to introduce you Twitch.TV, the « Streaming » platform federating a huge community of gamers around the world playing an insane variety of games. Where we can legitimately question the interest of watching people playing a video game rather than playing ourself, it is often instructive to analyze the gameplay of experienced streamers even more in […]

Serveur HTTP/2 H2O sous FreeBSD 11 avec support PHP/MySQL 24th August 2016

This article is in French and will be available soon in english. H2O fait partie de la nouvelle génération de serveurs HTTP destinés à augmenter la rapidité d’affichage des pages web notamment en s’appuyant sur le protocole HTTP/2. Les performances annoncées sont plus que correctes même face au très bon Nginx. N’ayant pu compiler H2O sur OpenBSD […]

OpenSMTPD & Dovecot sous OpenBSD 6.0 avec support MySQL et SPAMD 22nd August 2016

This article is in French and available in English here ! Cet article s’inscrit dans la continuité du tutoriel OPENSMTPD SOUS OPENBSD 6.0 AVEC SSL/VIRTUALUSERS/DOVECOT. Nous nous baserons sur la même installation et une configuration identique. Nous allons ajouter les briques logicielles permettant : D’appuyer nos domaines, alias, comptes virtuels sur une base MySQL (MariaDB sous OpenBSD). […]