OpenSMTPD under OpenBSD with SSL/VirtualUsers/Dovecot

LinaSovereign - 13th July 2017 - Network /OpenBSD /Security /

This article is the translation of my previous paper in French.

During the 2013 AsiaBSDCon, the team of OpenBSD presented its mail solution named OpenSMTPD.
Developped by the OpenBSD team, we find the so much appreciated philosophy of its developpers : security, simplicity / clarity and advanced features.


Security :

The daemon runs unprivileged and within a chroot : /var/empty including SSL management, automatic disconnection of hanging clients, incoming connexions limitations, etc.

Simplicity :

The configuration syntax used is Packet Filter like and « user-friendly ». You’ll see for yourself soon.

Advanced features :

  • Management of many mail transport protocols :
  • mbox
  • maildir
  • mda
  • lmtp (we’re gonna test it !)
  • statistics via smtpctl
  • management of virtual users
  • SQL management
  • scheduler
  • relay
  • etc.

Ok let’s go !

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