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OpenBSD 6.0 - Configure your static IPv6 network

If your internet provider gives you an IPv6 connectivity, you can add one or multiple addresses to your workstation/server.

In my case, Orange, my provider, gives me the following IPv6 (bloc/prefix) :


Under OpenBSD, the static configuration is made with two files :

  • /etc.hostname.[device] where you can configure the addresses allocated to a specific network device.
  • /etc/mygate allowing you to enable default network routes.

Let's start by configuring our network interface (re0 in my case) :

# vi /etc/hostname.re0 

inet6 2a01:cb06:3e0:eb00::cafe 56 

Finally, let's add the IPv6 default route in mygate :

# vi /etc/mygate 

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