Easy way to migrate your blog from Ghost to WordPress

LinaSovereign - 12th September 2017 - Tech /

Ghost is a wonderful blog engine I’m now using for almost one year, and I’m not planning to use something else.
But, recently, I had to work on a personnal project based on WordPress and I told myself :

« It’s so easy to migrate from WordPress to Ghost… but if I need/want to migrate from Ghost to WordPress will it be easy too ? »
Short answer : No it’s not ! But because I’m a Saint, I’ll show you how !

Ghost Logo

1. Why migrating from Ghost to WordPress is more difficult ?


  • First, for now Ghost is not as popular as WordPress is, so there is a lack of “official” solutions available to do a smooth migration.
  • Second, Ghost export is done with JSON, which is awesome and most of all… modern. But WordPress is handling XML, older, more messy.
  • Finally, Ghost structure is quite different from WordPress and it’s normal, but we need to adapt.

2. So… how can we proceed ?

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