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Free Ghost Blog Platform hosting at CagedMonster.

Ghost is a wonderful blog platform, easy to use, very beautiful, with a lot of features.
But... It can be very difficult to find a free hosting.

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The Ghost Logo

CagedMonster is now fully able to host fast and secured Ghost blog engines :


So... we decided to share the service to serious bloggers.
Here's what we offer (for free, 'cause with CagedMonster, everything is free) :

1. Free Ghost hosting :

  • 1 Ghost instance
  • No SSD quotas
  • No traffic limitation / bandwith limitation
  • 1 MySQL database
  • 1 virtual host login.cagedmonster.net
    • If you have a personnal domain it's good too
  • SSL associated to your virtual host
    • If you have your own SSL certificate we can use it
  • GoAccess statistics of your blog
  • Engine updated daily

2. Limitations :

  • No ads on your blog, CagedMonster is not about business... ever !
  • No internal mail linked to your blog (it may change in time), but you can add services like mailgun if you want
  • No guarantee on service availability, make sure to do your own backup with the export tool
  • We can stop the service without warning if something seems wrong with your blog

3. How to apply ?

We want to provide quality over quantity, so we'll decide when and who will be hosted.
Actually the best way is to contact us by mail :

$ echo -n Z2hvc3RAY2FnZWRtb25zdGVyLm5ldA== | base64 -d

Or on IRC :

sirpuffy@freenode (if you're lucky)


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