EvE-Online : best streamers

LinaSovereign - 15th September 2016 - Gaming /

It’s useless to introduce you Twitch.TV, the « Streaming » platform federating a huge community of gamers around the world playing an insane variety of games.

Where we can legitimately question the interest of watching people playing a video game rather than playing ourself, it is often instructive to analyze the gameplay of experienced streamers even more in complex games like EvE-Online.

EvE-Online is a complex MMORPG really hard to fully master. Add to that the loss of vessels of several hundred millions to more than billion ISK in an extremely vast and open universe, you’ll have fun watching these adventures.

This can become more interesting with the « Stream-Sniping » allowing viewers to hunt down and to attack directly the streamer in live while playing. With only a single server, it’s quite easy to find a player by waiting him at the « stargates » where he is travelling.

Here is a list of brave/active/skilled streamers of EvE :

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