Easy system monitoring with Cacti under OpenBSD and nginx

LinaSovereign - 4th August 2017 - Network /OpenBSD /Tech /

Cacti is a great monitoring tool based on RRDTool and SNMP, I use this solution for more than 10 years, the project is very active, easy to manage and to maintain.


But… when you want to run it under OpenBSD with a chrooted httpd it can be very painfull to setup and it will make you want to break stuff.

So today we’ll take the easy way !

Here, Cacti is just used by myself, so I need to restrict access to the service for more security, and to make sure that everything is running without privileges.

So… what do we need to make this wonderful project a reality ?

  1. An Operating System (“Do you have any others jokes like that ?” – “Plenty !”), we’ll take OpenBSD, what else ?
  2. A chrooted http server, what about nginx ? seems perfect to me as it’s chrooted by default on OpenBSD
  3. A snmp daemon, net-snmp is a great tool your can use to collect your datas
  4. RRDTool to generate your graphs
  5. PHP / MySQL, should I explain why ?
  6. Cacti
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