Integrate CryptoMining on websites for a better world ? 28th July 2018

Since the creation of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency is everywhere, and a lot of new currencies are emerging : Ether Ripper Litecoin Monero…

CagedMonster hits 500 active members and goes fully private. 23rd October 2017

The CagedMonster’s adventure begun 2 years ago with the goal of making a private community sharing knowledge, datas, IT services (shells, cloud, mails, hosting, etc)… Also, we created a public blog aimed to share our knowledge. Today it’s a median of 950 unique users who visit the blog every day. We started with a single […]

Easy way to migrate your blog from Ghost to WordPress 12th September 2017

Ghost is a wonderful blog engine I’m now using for almost one year, and I’m not planning to use something else. But, recently, I had to work on a personnal project based on WordPress and I told myself : « It’s so easy to migrate from WordPress to Ghost… but if I need/want to migrate […]

Free Ghost and WordPress Blog Platform hosting at CagedMonster. 9th August 2017

Ghost is a wonderful blog platform, easy to use, very beautiful, with a lot of features. But… It can be very difficult to find a free hosting. « – We already know that ! Let’s get to the point ! » « – Ok…. ok ! » CagedMonster is now fully able to host fast […]

Easy system monitoring with Cacti under OpenBSD and nginx 4th August 2017

Cacti is a great monitoring tool based on RRDTool and SNMP, I use this solution for more than 10 years, the project is very active, easy to manage and to maintain. But… when you want to run it under OpenBSD with a chrooted httpd it can be very painfull to setup and it will make […]

Deploy Ghost under Raspbian with MySQL / nginx / Let’s Encrypt / strong SSL 12th July 2017

Introduction Ghost is a wonderful blogging platform developped with node.js. It’s easy to use, fast (You mean, like DC COMICS Flash ? Yeah dude ! Superpowers !) it manages SEO, mardown, and the default theme : Casper is sooooooo beautiful. So now, we’ll learn how to setup Ghost on your Raspberry PI, with Raspbian (of […]

Deploy Ghost blogging platform under OpenBSD with nginx 23rd October 2016

Ghost is a simple and fast Node.js blogging system. We’ll see here how to deploy it on OpenBSD 6.1 with nginx !

Contourner le loopback de la Livebox 20th September 2016

This article is meant for the french users of the Orange internet provider Disposant temporairement d’une Livebox Fibre le temps de recevoir mon routeur pfSense et hébergeant un serveur public sur cette même connexion, j’ai dû faire face comme tous les utilisateurs de Livebox au loopback des adresses publiques hébergées en interne vers le routeur. […]

Eggdrop et scripting TCL 17th August 2016

Ah le monde de l’IRC (Internet Relay Chat) ! Des milliers de personnes connectées sur leurs canaux de discussion… Même si ce moyen de communication semble globalement sur le déclin aux vues des statistiques de, hormis sur Freenode dont la population est singulière, il n’en reste pas moins très utile afin de partager ses passions, passer […]

Uninstall Skype on Windows 10 Anniversary 6th August 2016

The Windows 10 Anniversary update installs Skype by default et makes it impossible to delete from the program manager tool. Here is the TIP :