Lost Ark – Create a verified Stove Account for free 10th November 2018

I finally managed to create a free official Korean Stove account. It must be done in three steps:

WoW Nostalrius Reborn 12th November 2016

Nostalrius was a famous World of Warcraft private server, running one of the first version of the game named Vanilla. You can find alot of statistics and informations at the following link : https://www.docdroid.net/flUbn6G/nostalrius-post-mortem.pdf.html

EvE-Online : best streamers 15th September 2016

It’s useless to introduce you Twitch.TV, the « Streaming » platform federating a huge community of gamers around the world playing an insane variety of games. Where we can legitimately question the interest of watching people playing a video game rather than playing ourself, it is often instructive to analyze the gameplay of experienced streamers even more in […]