CagedMonster hits 500 active members and goes fully private.

LinaSovereign - 23rd October 2017 - Tech /

The CagedMonster’s adventure begun 2 years ago with the goal of making a private community sharing knowledge, datas, IT services (shells, cloud, mails, hosting, etc)…

Also, we created a public blog aimed to share our knowledge. Today it’s a median of 950 unique users who visit the blog every day.

We started with a single server hosted on a VDSL bandwith of 70/10 Mbps … Now things have changed.

Our private network :

Number of private servers maintained by members and associated to our VPN : 18

  • Servers on Optical Fiber : 14
  • Servers on VDSL : 3
  • Servers on ADSL : 5

Each server is running under OpenBSD and FreeBSD.
NEW : We developped a specific solution for the users willing to join us using their Raspberry PI with Raspbian, this feature is actually in testing and will be available soon.

Shared data :

Actually it’s 12.8 TB of shared data, and it’s a lot !

The users :

500 active users and growing each month from :

  • France : 78%
  • US : 11 %
  • UK : 7 %
  • Others : 4 %

We’re very happy to see such an active community of involved users.

Changes :

  1. End of the public blog :

Even if the blog is a real success, with articles linked in, reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs, we can’t spend more time writing papers. We want to focus on our private services.

We started a lot of new papers (about security, cryptocurrencies, darkweb) we can’t finish due to the lack of time.

On the other side, many users told their desire to be part of an exclusively private community.

So we decided that the blog will stay online and will be available only for the community, we’ll open the ability to write papers to members willing to share tutorials too.

  1. Going south :

Since three months we started to try private services availability thru the tor network. As it’s going very well (feels like we are living in a EvE Online NullSec system), we’ll migrate many services to the darkweb :

  • Login system
  • Account management
  • Invitations
  • Forums
  • Blog
  1. Focussing on the private community :

We’ve learned from theses two years that the best way to count on serious people is to stay in a private circle with selected users from limited invitations.
That’s all folks !